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Ekipa Tékniku Autoridade Tributária (AT) Partisipa iha Business Luncheon Event
February 14, 2020 News admin

Loron 12 Fevereiru 2020-Autoridade Tributária-MF partisipa  iha Business Luncheon Event iha Timor Plaza ne’ebé organiza husi Timor Plaza Management Team. Parte Autoridade Tributária (AT)

Upcoming Event
February 10, 2020 News admin

The Tax Authority will have a seminar regarding e-services organised by Timor Plaza. We will explain tax administration system in Timor-Leste in general, and in specific to our on-going SIGTAS V3 U

February 3, 2020 News admin

The E-Services is now open for Domestic Taxpayers to submit their monthly returns online. So far, we have had many companies Submitting their monthly tax returns with zero payment (those businesses