Tax Offices Contacts Details

Tax Offices Contact Details


For more information on Timor-Leste’s taxation system, contact the Timor-Leste Revenue Service by phone on (+670) 74002070/74002071

Visit a Tax Office

You can also visit one of our 3 Tax Offices if you have an enquiry or need further information:

  • Dili District Office, Rua Aitarak-Laran, Ministerio das Finansas(8th Floor & Ground Floor)
  • Baucau District Office, Vilanova Street, Kota Baru, Baucau, or
  • Maliana District Office, Holsa Street, Maliana.

Officers of the Timor-Leste Revenue Service are not authorised to receive payments from taxpayers. See how to pay taxes.

Further information

  • Contact Us: if you need to contact the Ministry of Finance
  • Domestic Revenue Directorate and Petroleum Revenue Directorate: roles and responsibilities of Directorates and Directors’ Profiles