Petroleum & Mineral Tax Laws

Petroleum & Mineral Tax Lows and Public RulingEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Decree Law 03/2003: Taxation of Bayu-Undan Contractors Act.EnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Law 08/2008: Taxes and Duties ActEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Law No. 04/2003: Petroleum Development of Timor Sea Tax Stability ActEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Law No. 09/2005 Petroleum Fund ActEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/01 – The Public and Private Rulings ProgramsEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/02 – Commissioner’s PowersEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/03 – When is there Employment in East TimorEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/05 – Meaning of WagesEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/06 – ConstructionEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/07 – DepreciationEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/08 – Useful Life of Depreciable AssetsEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/09 – Apportioning ExpensesEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/10 – Auditing, Access and Information CollectionEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/11 – ResidencyEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/12 – Additional TaxEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2001/13 – Value of Non-wage Benefits for Employees of Income TaxEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2010/81 – Withholding Tax: Section 81 of the Taxes and Duties Act, Decree Law 08/2008EnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2011-11 – Capital GainsEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Public Ruling 2011/02 – Supplemental Petroleum Tax CalculationEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Revenue Directive on the Calculation of Taxable Income of Taxpayers (Effective for tax years up to December 2007)EnglishPortugueseIndonesian
Timor Sea TreatyEnglishPortugueseIndonesian
UNTAET Regulation 2000/18 (as amended July 2002) – on a Revenue System For East TimorEnglishPortugueseIndonesian