Oinsa Troka Password E-Services

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    Evangelino Monteiro Soares

    i can,t open the information from ,by using my email address and password.
    so can you help me to be successful.

    1. 3 Comments

      Information System and Taxpayer Registration Unit

      Dear Sr.Evangelino Monteirro Soares

      Deskupa ba responde Tarde, Ita boot-nian problema resolve ona ga seidauk? Kontactu fali ami karik sei iha problema.

      USI Team

  2. 3 Comments

    Mario Soares

    Susar tebes atu asesu e service loading Mo’s lamosu deit… Krk iha problena oituan ho e servisu favor informa mai Ami hodi krk bele Ami hatama dokumentus direta deit Duke online.


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