How to Fill up your Tax forms

How to Fill up your Tax forms

Details about Tax Forms

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Tax Forms
Filling in a form
There are Tax Forms for domestic taxpayers and petroleum taxpayers.

Domestic and Income Tax Forms
Annual Income Tax Forms: use to complete your annual income tax return
Employer Wage Income Tax Withholding Forms: employers complete for wage income tax
Monthly Domestic Tax Forms: businesses complete to pay income tax installments and for services tax
Registration Forms for Domestic Taxpayers: businesses register to operate in Timor-Leste and get a TIN number
Petroleum Tax Forms
Annual Petroleum Tax Forms
Monthly Petroleum Tax Forms: VAT collection, summary of monthly petroleum tax obligations, resident and non-resident withholding tax form
Registration Forms for Petroleum Taxpayers: TIN registration form for petroleum taxpayers, bank account details for payment of petroleum taxes
Tax Clearance Certificate Application Form
Branch Profit
Bank Account

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